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Kansas State University


The Environmental Manager for the Department is Ms. Kelly Phillips. Her responsibilities include university compliance with the various environmental protection laws including the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Toxic Substance Control Act, and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. Topics covered by these laws include hazardous waste management, underground and aboveground storage tanks, spill response, the University air permit, and EPA Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plans. She is assisted by Ms. Sarah Benavides, Hazardous Waste Manager, who operates the hazardous materials recycling program as well as the hazardous and medical waste disposal programs.

While the Environmental Management section keeps track of these regulations to ensure the University's compliance, Supervisors and Principal Investigators are responsible for being aware of these regulations and to ensure they, their employees and students comply with the regulations.See the Training for on-line classes.

Environmental Health and Safety Assistant

The Environmental Health and Safety Assistant (EH&S) program is an on-line tool to assist KSU personnel in managing their hazardous chemicals and waste, radiological waste and biological and medical waste.

Currently the following applications are available for you to use:
  • Request Pickups For Hazardous, Biological and Radioactive Waste
  • Maintain and view your inventory (chemical and/or isotope)

Please read the EH&S Assistant Instructions (PDF) prior to using the program.