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Office of the President

New Residence Hall and Dining Center

Kansas State University’s enrollment set a record in fall 2012. K-State has more enrolled undergraduates than any other state university, and enrollment is projected to continue climbing. As the university advances toward Vision 2025, significant residence hall upgrades are needed to fulfill the growing number of students living on campus. 

K-State is preparing for future enrollment growth by building a new residence hall and dining center on the west side of campus. The new 129,036-square-foot residence hall will hold 450 beds and will be part of the Kramer complex on Claflin Road. The new dining center will connect to the new residence hall and will serve 1,850 students.

The $70 million project will be phased so the university will not lose any student housing during the process. Funding for the project comes from housing fees and revenue bonds.