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President's Commission on the Status of Women

Commission Members

To contact the President's Commission on the Status of Women with any questions, concerns or comments, please email us at pcsw@k-state.edu.
Felisa Osburn - Commission Chair

Library Assistant III
K-state Libraries

Faculty Representatives

Soumia Bardhan

Assistant Professor
Communication Studies

Linda Henriksen

International Programs

Sarah Rexnikoff

Associate Professor

Unclassified Professionals

Stephanie Bannister

Asst VP/Dept Head
Education and Personal Development

Wendy Barnes

Online Programs Coordinator 
Counseling Services

Laura Widenor

K-State Global Campus

University Support Staff Representatives

Brenda Nowakowski

Administrative Specialist
Office of the Dean of Architecture, Planning & Design

Jayme Reid

Accountant II
Civil Engineering

Kansas State Polytechnic Representative

Kathleen Behan

Assistant Professor
Arts, Science & Business

Student Representatives

Miranda Moore
Haripriya Naidu
Denise Quinones

Ex Officio Representatives

Steve Dandaneau

Vice Provost
Undergrad Studies

Angela Hubler

Interim Department Head
Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies

Clara Valadares Kientz

CARE Coordinator
Student Life Office

Sara Thurston

International Student and Scholar Services

Deanne Woodard

Assistant Dean
Office of Student Life