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Non-Traditional & Veteran Student Services


The Office of Student Financial Assistance, 104 Fairchild Hall, provides information concerning many scholarships.

The application deadline for on-campus scholarships is November 1 for new students and February 1 for continuing students.

Some campus scholarships are only awarded if a student has also applied for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Learn more about FAFSA.

Scholarship opportunities

The Non-Traditional Student Services Office maintains a scholarship website for non-traditional students. The website is updated annually. The website identifies sources of off-campus scholarships and provides information about how to apply for these funds. In addition, application forms are available in the office from local, state, and national organizations

There are on-campus scholarships funded specifically for non-traditional students. They are awarded based on financial need and academic potential. In order to qualify, you must fill out the K-State Scholarship Application and send an essay/statement and the specific application form found on the Non-Traditional Student Services Website to the Non-Traditional Student Services office by the deadline shown on the specific application forms.

In addition, you are encouraged to go to the free scholarship searches on the internet. National companies and organizations often make funds available specifically to the non traditional student. This type of scholarship requires some independent perseverance to locate and complete the application process but the results can be financially rewarding. Some students have been successful in getting assistance in their home community or from their current employer.

Veterans assistance

If there is a chance you are eligible for VA benefits, contact the Office of Veterans Affairs at 785-532-7061. This office offers important aid and assistance to veterans and their dependents. The application deadlines for these scholarships vary from December to June 1. Learn more about veterans programs.

Graduate assistantships

Each department and college has stipends to award graduate students in return for their assistance in teaching, research, or service to the departments. Contact the head of the department in which you plan to do your graduate study for assistantship information. In addition, various student service offices also recruit and hire graduate students.