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School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Auditions and Scholarships

Students who have an interest in applying for a University scholarship should apply for K-State admission and scholarships.


An audition is required both to enter a studio (percussion, voice, piano, cello, etc.) and to receive a scholarship from the school.

You are welcome and encouraged to apply for both vocal and instrumental scholarships, but to do so you must complete both applications. 

High School Seniors interested in attending K-State as a music major or minor and in applying for scholarship consideration are encouraged to participate in one of the several Music Awards Days. Students who wish to do so may audition for our artist faculty at that time.

Voice audition and scholarships

If you are applying for the voice division, there is a pre-screening application. Apply for voice audition and scholarships 

Instrumental audition and scholarships

Apply for instrumental audition and scholarships.

Audition days for instrumentalists
Please email mtdfuture@ksu.edu to schedule an audition for the below dates or an alternative date if you are not able to make our audition days.

• November 8, 2018
Part of Careers in Music and Future Music Educators Day

• January 26, 2019
Part of the Concert Band Clinic
(Woodwinds, brass, and percussion)

• February 9, 2019
All areas of the Music Program other than voice.
(Voice applicants, see above for pre-screening application)

Scholarships for music majors

A number of strictly music scholarships are available to music majors. They are awarded on the basis of successful performance achievements and scholarly potential. The awards are renewable throughout the undergraduate tenure pending suitable grade point average and performance levels.

ChoirsDr. Julie Yu-Oppenheimjulieyu@k-state.edu
JazzDr. Wayne Goinsweg@k-state.edu
KeyboardDr. David C. Pickeringdpickeri@k-state.edu
StringsDr. Cora Coopercorac@k-state.edu
VoiceDr. Reginald Pittmanpittman@k-state.edu 
or Apply online
Winds and PercussionDr. Steven Maxwellsmaxwell@k-state.edu
Band scholarships

Band scholarships are available to students regardless of major, awarded on the basis of musical potential in return for participation in the band program. These scholarships are offered and administered through the K-State Band Office.

Contact Dr. Frank Tracz at ftracz@k-state.edu for more information.