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Master of Public Health Program

News - 2012

February 2012:  MPH Program Update (PDF)

May 2012:  New MPH graduates include Abigail Bauer, Bryna Horton, Tara Lopez, Thomas Reece, Sabi Sourou, and Melissa Taylor.  Graduate Certificate recipients include Sara Coleman and Zacharia Modi.

May 2012:  For the first time, the MPH Program has a support agreement, signed by the university provost, five deans, and eight department/division heads, along with the program director.  MPH Support Agreement May 2012(PDF)

July 2012:  MPH Program Update (PDF) and MPH Program Highlights for FY 2012 (PDF)

August 2012:  New MPH graduates include Karin Moser, Clinton Roof, and Shankar Yadav, bringing the total number of MPH degrees awarded at K-State to 68.  Graduate Certificate recipients include Mylissia Stukey and Jeanne Liu, bringing the total number of certificate recipients to 12. 

August 20, 2012:  MPH Student Orientation.   On Thursday, August 20th, we hosted an MPH program orientation at the College of Veterinary Medicine, and we had over 35 attendees—some faculty and returning students along with 10 new students.  Dr. Cates presented current information, particularly about courses and the curriculum, and he led a very interactive discussion about various aspects of the program. Click on this link: 2012 Fall New Student Orientation (PDF) to view Dr. Cates' presentation to the group.  New Students (JPEG)

September 6, 2012:  Public Health Club.  Kansas State University Public Health Club held its first meeting of the semester Thursday, September 6th, at the Leadership Studies Building on campus.  Dr. Kimathi Choma (Director, Undergraduate Public Health Programs) and Dr. Mike Cates (Director, Master of Public Health Program) were the speakers.  The club officers this year are:  President - Eric Kelly; Vice-President - Amy Sents; Secretary - Karin Moser; Treasurer - Kealan Schroeder; Fundraising Chair - Sara Coleman; and Advisor - Dr. Kimathi Choma.  Anyone interested in public health is welcome at the monthly meetings of this great organization.  Public Health Club Officers 2012(JPEG) 

October 2012:  MPH Program Fall 2012 Update.  The MPH Program currently has 84 individuals enrolled in classes this semester--78 seeking the Master of Public Health degree and 6 working on the Graduate Certificate in Public Health Core Concepts. Academic Year 2012 was the third straight year that Kansas State University had over 35 new students in the program, and we saw the largest number ever (18) finish their MPH degree. See more information about the program: MPH Program Update narrative (PDF) and MPH Update Presentation (PDF)

October 2012:  Kansas Public Health Association Conference Top Poster.  Chelsea Raybern (K-State MPH Graduate), Dr. Michael Moore (current Diagnostic Lab employee and MPH Student), Dr. Ingrid Garrison (DMP Adjunct Faculty) and Dr. Cathy Hanlon (DMP and MPH Faculty) were among the authors of the top research poster awarded during the Kansas Public Health Association (KPHA) annual conference in Topeka October 3rd. Their poster title was "Assessment for a Statewide Rabies Vaccination Requirement for Dogs and Cats in Kansas." This was partly from the work done during Chelsea's public health field experience at the Kansas Department of Health and the Environment (KDHE). Congratulations!! Ms. Chelsea Raybern (JPEG)
December 2012:  New MPH graduates include Pranav Bhatt, Erica Bono, Jacqueline Garvey, Stephan Gibson, Ramandeep Kaur, Michele Kerns and Jeff Warner, bringing the total number of MPH degrees awarded at K-State to 75.  Graduate Certificate recipients include Jessica Bradford and Arlerta Ndlela, bringing the total number of certificate recipients to 14.
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