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Sensible Nutrition And body image Choices

SNAC Members

2012-2013 SNAC Officers:

President: Cynthia Arias-Dowling
Vice President: Ann Vosbeek
Secretary:  Alyssa Peterson
Treasurer: Laura Cates
Event Co-Chair: Danica Pelzel
Public Relations Chair:  Cheria Cauley
Fundraising:  Cheria Cauley, Mitzie Rojas
Photographers:  Ann Vosbeek, Mitzie Rojas

2012-2013 Members

Paige Aberastur
Kathleen Allin
Michelle Allison
Cynthia Arias-Dowling
Laura Cates
Cheria Cauley
Danielle Chadbourne
Britney Cowan
Megan Hilliard
Kendra Hodges
Amy Hundley
Meriel Long
Kalee McGee
Megan Norman
Danica Pelzel
Jesus Rocio Perez
Alyssa Peterson
Kendra Reed
Kara Resseguie
Mitzie Rojas
Rylee SHea
Kallie SIderewicz
Lindsay Smith
Chris Stauffer
Ann Vosbeek
Taylor Winter
Members for 2011-2012

2011-2012 Members - Front row: Miranda Tucker, Cynthia Arias-Dowling, Mitzie Rojas, Kristi Leonard, Mollie Colpitt, Megan Schlonga
Back row:
Ashlynn Stuhlman, Lauren Hand, Laura Cates, Ann Vosbeek, Kendra Hodges, Krista Poore, Taylor Valachovic, Danica Pelzel
Members absent: Cheria Cauley, Alyssa Peterson, Alison Young

2011-2012 Members

Cynthia Arias-Dowling
Haley Bowers
Laura Cates
Cheria Cauley
Mollie Colpitt
Lauren Hand
Kendra Hodges
Hannah Kjos
Kristi Leonard
Danica Pelzel
Alyssa Peterson
Krista Poore
Mitzie Rojas
Megan Schlonga
Jon Smith
Ashlynn Stuhlman
Miranda Tucker
Taylor Valachovic
Alison Young

"SNAC is a great way to meet people who are truly passionate about the same things you are." - Felicia

Dianna Schalles, advisor
Dianna Schalles, M.S., R.D., L.D.
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics