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Sensible Nutrition And body image Choices

About SNAC


  • reduce the prevalence of harmful eating attitudes and negative body image
  • provide information on healthy eating and body image choices
  • raise understanding of eating disorders as a complex medical and social problem
  • offer resources and support to those at risk within the University setting

Currently, peer educators are recruited from the K-State Dietetics, Kinesiology and Human Nutrition degree programs. However, other interested students are welcome to apply to become a SNAC peer educator. Complete the application process if you are interested in becoming a SNAC peer educator!


SNAC Peer Educators was formed in January 2002 as a collaborative venture between Lafene’s registered dietitian, Dianna Schalles, and K-State student, Kendra Glassman.

As the health center dietitian, Dianna had noticed an increasing number of students with body image and eating concerns. She had been considering the initiation of a peer educator group on campus to increase awareness—and provide a campus atmosphere that would promote a more balanced approach to eating and exercise.

When Kendra Glassman, an enthusiastic Nutrition and Exercise major, approached her in the spring of 2001 to express an interest in assisting with this venture, Dianna welcomed her student perspective and energy to help lay the groundwork for SNAC.

In addition to Kendra’s invaluable role in making SNAC a reality, the group has also benefited from another Lafene-sponsored group, Sexual Health Awareness Peer Educators. SHAPE had existed for many years and was an excellent role model for SNAC to aspire to.

SNAC membership continues to increase yearly, with dedicated students from several disciplines across campus. SNAC’s advisor is forever grateful for all the wonderful students who have brought energy and enthusiasm to promote SNAC’s mission. The talents and passion of such students have played a vital role in shaping the organization, and will no doubt leave a lasting, meaningful impact.

SNAC welcomes YOU–K-State’s current students—to get involved & continue our legacy for future Wildcats on campus.

"SNAC has taught me a lot and helped me improve my confidence...and public speaking skills."