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Sexual Health Awareness Peer Educators

Sexual Health Awareness Peer Educators
Lafene Health Center
Kansas State University
1105 Sunset Avenue
Manhattan, KS 66502

SHAPE Peer Educator Application
& Position Description


Name ___________________________________________________________

E-mail __________________________________________________________

College Address _________________________________________________

Phone Number __________________________________________________

Permanent Address______________________________________________

College Major _________________________Current GPA ______________

Year in School ____________ Expected Date of Graduation ___________


Have you discussed this position with a current Peer Educator/S.H.A.P.E. member?

Yes____No____ If yes, Whom? ___________________________________

What do you believe are the major responsibilities of this position?




Student Organization Involvement

Indicate any student organizations you are currently or will be involved in during the upcoming semesters.

OrganizationOffice Held
(if any)
Dates in GroupIdentify any Transferable Skills

Applicable Experiences

Indicate any information you may feel might be pertinent to this application (i.e., honors conferred, special skills or training, unusual qualifications, work experience or other volunteer work, etc.)




I hereby certify that all statements and answers set forth on this application are complete and true.  I understand that false statements or omissions will cause the termination of my application.

Signature of Applicant ___________________________________________


By placing my initials here (__________), I DO NOT consent to have my photo used in marketing, educational and promotional material, to include web site, display and printed brochures, produced for Lafene Health Center.

Application Information

The completed application form should be returned by ____________________________ to:

Health Promotion/Nutrition Counseling
Lafene Health Center, Room 268
1105 Sunset Avenue
Manhattan, KS 66502


Upon receipt of your application, you will be contacted to schedule an interview conducted by a current SHAPE member(s) and the advisor.  Be prepared to discuss the questions and situational responses listed below.

  1. Why are you interested in the Peer Educator position?
  2. Describe past experiences, including leadership positions, that qualifies you for this position.
  3. What leadership skills, if any, did you acquire from these experiences.
  4. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  5. Describe a past situation, without disclosing names, when you had to keep information confidential.
  6. Describe a situation when you had to be objective or nonjudgmental.
  7. Describe a situation in which you were of significant help to someone.
    1. Why did you choose to help?
    2. Describe your helping actions and behaviors.
  8. Describe a time when you were especially busy with multiple demands at one time.
    1. Identify two (2) major stressors for yourself at that time.
    2. Describe the strategies you utilized to respond to these stressors.


Applicants are required to participate in the SHAPE Program for 2 consecutive semesters. 3 credit hours will be earned at the completion of course requirements.  An “Incomplete” is placed on the transcript at the end of the first semester.  The letter grade for the first semester (ONLY) and is recorded at the completion of the second semester. 

EDCEP 312 meets Tuesday/Thursday 2:30 PM - 3:45 PM. New classes begin each semester and are worth three university general education (UGE) or K-State 8 credits.

Following completion of two semesters, SHAPE members are encouraged to participate in the program until graduation!

SHAPE is funded through Lafene Health Center.  For more info, e-mail


POSITION PURPOSE: The Peer Educator serves as a liaison between fellow students and Lafene Health Center.  Each member is responsible for performing duties to fulfill the program mission:  to provide sexual health information and education to students at Kansas State University and in surrounding communities.  Upon the completion of the first semester, peer educators are fully prepared to carry out the following duties and responsibilities.


  1. Will serve as a campus liaison and resource person for the Kansas State University and surrounding communities.
  2. Will attend formal class sessions on a variety of topics including: Sexually Transmitted Diseases (including HIV), Sexual Health, Alcohol/Drug, Sexual Orientation and other related issues.  Will complete course requirements under the direction of the Health Promotion staff at Lafene Health Center
  3. Will promote the S.H.A.P.E. program to the Kansas State University campus and surrounding communities through public relations efforts.
  4. Will participate as a team member to present the Peer Program upon request.
  5. Will serve as a positive role model to the Kansas State University campus and surrounding communities.
  6. Will participate in other activities and promotions sponsored by Lafene Health Center.
  7. Will disseminate and collect audience evaluations upon the conclusion of each Peer presentation and return these forms to the Health Promotion department.
  8. Will complete other job-related duties as required.  This will include assisting other individuals within the Health Promotion department when the need arises.

The above tasks will be subject to an ongoing evaluation by the Health Promotion staff.  Failure to adequately perform designated duties may result in the disruption of services and inappropriate representation of Lafene Health Center.


  1. Must currently enroll as a full-time or part-time K-State student.
  2. Must receive an overall average personal interview rating of 200 or greater.
  3. Must be able to commit at least 2 consecutive semesters involvement.
  4. Must demonstrate leadership skills.
  5. Must demonstrate appropriate objectivity and open-mindedness.
  6. Must demonstrate appropriate confrontation skills and conflict resolution skills.
  7. Must demonstrate appropriate comfort when confronted with scrutiny.
  8. Must demonstrate appropriate comfort with condom distribution and demonstration.
  9. Must demonstrate effective time management skills.
  10.  Must demonstrate effective communication skills.
  11.  Must demonstrate effective interpersonal relationship skills.
  12.  Must demonstrate ability to maintain strict confidentiality.
  13.  Must demonstrate a personal interest and enthusiasm in becoming involved in the program.
  14.  Must be willing to represent Lafene Health Center in a positive way.

(Revised 11/11)