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Powercat Financial Appointment Request added to KSIS

A new feature in KSIS enables students to request free appointments with Kansas State’s Powercat Financial Counseling.

Powercat Financial Counseling is a peer-to-peer financial education program where students can receive assistance with budgeting, student loan planning, managing credit, transitioning into work, and other financial topics by appointment. This new KSIS feature streamlines the intake process for students and Powercat Financial Counseling staff.

Students access the appointment request feature in KSIS by navigating to Self Service > Student Success > Meet with Powercat Financial.  Detailed instructions are available on the KSIS Help website at Meet with Powercat Financial.  Students may also go to the Powercat Financial Counseling website at www.k-state.edu/pfc to learn more about their services.

For additional information or assistance, contact:

IT Help Desk at 785-532-7722 or email helpdesk@ksu.edu

Powercat Financial Counseling at 785-532-2889 or email powercatfinancial@ksu.edu