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Meet with Powercat Financial

Powercat Financial Counseling provides free financial education and assistance to Kansas State's currently enrolled students seeking help with budgeting, credit, student loan planning, transitioning to work and other financial issues by appointment.  You may learn more about these free services at: www.k-state.edu/pfc

Students can request a free appointment with Powercat Financial via their KSIS account as follows:

  1. Login into KSIS with your eID and password.

  2. On the KSIS main menu home page, click Self Service.

    Picture of the KSIS menu with Self Service highlighted

  3. Go to the Student Success folder and Meet with Powercat Financial.

    Picture of Student sucess menu open with Meet with Powercat Financial highlighted

  4. Click the Submit New Appointment button to request an appointment.

    Submit a Powercat Financial appointment

  5. Indicate if you are a returning Powercat Financial client or not, then click Continue.

    New or returning student selection

  6. Answer a series of intake questions, indicating your reason(s) for requesting an appointment and your financial situation, indicate times you are available to meet with Powercat Financial, and complete an optional research questionnaire.

  7. Powercat Financial Counseling will receive your appointment request once you click Submit and will contact you by phone or email within 24 to 48 hours with a proposed appointment date, time and place. You will need to reply to Powercat Financial to confirm this proposed appointment.  You may contact Powercat Financial at powercatfinancial@ksu.edu or 785-532-2889 to confirm their receipt of your KSIS appointment submission or to confirm your appointment they have proposed.