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KSIS 9.2 Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find what you are looking for?  Contact the IT Help Desk.

What is KSIS 9.2?  

KSIS is the student information system used by students, faculty, and staff on all K-State campuses.  The system is an Oracle-PeopleSoft Campus Solutions product that interacts with a variety of other systems, such as CASHNet (for bill payment) and DARS (the Degree Audit Report System).  Version 9.2 is the most current release of Campus Solutions.

What new features are included in KSIS 9.2?

The 9.2 version of KSIS released July 24, 2017 provides new navigation, personalization, and mobile-friendly features for iOS and Android devices.  See the KSIS 9.2 Resources web page for an overview of new features, videos, troubleshooting tips and more.

Will new mobile-friendly features be released in the future?

Yes.  The KSIS 9.2 release provides a foundation for future mobile-friendly features. New features will be released by the vendor on a quarterly basis and evaluated by K-State.  New features that meet K-State requirements will be made available to KSIS users.

What web browsers does KSIS 9.2 support?

See Recommended Web Browsers.  For optimal performance, always keep your operating system and web browser up-to-date.

Why do I have more than one homepage?

You may have more than one homepage if you serve in multiple roles at K-State.  For example, if you are a faculty member and also advise students, you will have a faculty homepage and an academic advisor homepage.  This makes it quick and easy to locate content and perform functions specific to each of your roles.  See the Quick Start Guide for more information.

How do I access my other other homepages?

Simply click the homepage title to open the list of other homepages available to you.

Can I make a different homepage my primary homepage?

Yes.  See the Quick Start Guide for simple step-by-step instructions.

Can I personalize a homepage or create a new homepage?

Yes.  See the Quick Start Guide for simple step-by-step instructions.

Can I move tiles around on my homepage so they are in a different order?

Yes.  See simply drag and drop the tiles in the order that you want.

Can I add a tile to my homepage that I need to access frequently?

Yes.  See the Quick Start Guide for personalization options.

Can I remove tiles on my homepage that I don't need or use?

It depends. You can remove any tiles that you added yourself, but you cannot remove tiles that were provided for you.  See the Quick Start Guide for details.  

What if I need help troubleshooting an issue?

See KSIS 9.2 Troubleshooting Tips.  If you don't find the solution, contact the IT Help Desk.