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KSIS 9.2 Troubleshooting Tips

How do I verify that my web browser is supported by KSIS 9.2?

See Recommended Web Browsers.  For optimal performance, always keep your operating system and web browser up-to-date.

Nothing happens when I click on certain links in KSIS.

KSIS requires your web browser be configured to allow pop-ups.  See Disable Web Browser Pop-Up Blockers for details.

The navigator icon is missing on my smartphone. 

Due to limited screen size the navigator is located under the Actions (hamburger) menu on a small form factor (e.g., smartphone). 

Some tiles are missing on my smartphone.

Tiles that lead to mobile-friendly content will be visible on a small form factor. If you are faculty or staff, some tiles are purposely not provided on a small form factor because they lead to classic content that is not usable on such a small device.  Additional mobile-friendly features for faculty and staff are planned to be released in the future.

After signing in to KSIS my homepage doesn't have the colorful tiles, it looks like the classic version.

You probably accessed KSIS with an old bookmark.  Update the bookmark in your web browser to: https://ksis.k-state.edu.

I have duplicate tiles on my homepage. 

It is possible to have duplicate tiles on a homepage depending on the method and order of adding tiles, as in this Student Center example:

  1.  Hamburger > Personalize Homepage > Add Tile > K-State Fluid Applications > Student Center > Save
  2.  NavBar > Navigator > Self Service > Student Center > Hamburger > Add to Homepage > Your Homepage > Ok

This results in the appearance of duplicate tiles but they are actually different tiles.  Simply delete the extra tile.  See the Quick Start Guide for details.

I get an 'OnReady State' error after I sign in to KSIS.

Users with PCs running the Windows 64 bit operating system and the Kaspersky Lab anti-virus software receive the 'OnReady State' error after signing in to KSIS and after clicking on a homepage tile.  This is a known issue with Oracle PeopleSoft 9.2 applications.  To resolve the issue, you can:

  1. Uninstall Kaspersky antivirus and Install Trend Micro antivirus provided free by K-State.
  2. Enable the Kaspersky extension in your Chrome or Firefox browser.

Can't find what you are looking for?  Contact the IT Help Desk.