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Kansas History journal gets significant mention in July 13 issue of RSCAD News!

For the weekly newsletter, Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities, and Discover News, the Office of the Vice President for Research highlighted Peter Dorhout writing about the 150th anniversary of the Chisholm Trail and its connections to K-State, from an article in Kansas History, a journal co-published by the Kansas Historical Foundation and the History Department. Read the full RSCAD article HERE


The Chapman Center was mentioned in the June 28 issue of K-State Today!

"History of Kansas FFA, rural life being preserved with help of Kansas State University undergraduate researchers". Read the full story HERE


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The Department of History offers students from any major a rewarding educational experience. As they seek to recover and interpret the past in all of its messy and fascinating manifestations, historians read a lot, write a lot, and speak a lot; thus developing critical thinking skills which allow them to pursue successful careers not only as historians, archivists, and curators/museum professionals but also as lawyers, entrepreneurs, government officials, and leaders in the nonprofit sector.

Our 20 full-time faculty members have written award-winning books and articles on research topics ranging from the military in ancient China to public health in Latin America to the grasslands of the Great Plains. While we commend research, we also emphasize and prioritize teaching. More than a quarter of our faculty have won university-wide teaching awards. The majority of our classes are small, which means that our students get plenty of attention, and undergraduate history majors are assigned individual faculty advisors to help them navigate their way to successful completion of their degree.

Our major is designed to be broad, requiring students to take classes that vary widely across time and place, but the department has particular strengths in military, agricultural/environmental, and religious history. To declare a history major or double-major, please visit the Office of the Dean for the College of Arts and Sciences in 107 Calvin Hall.

We are pleased to also offer history as a minor with a requirement of 21 hours of coursework. To declare a minor, please stop by the History Department Office in 117 Calvin Hall.

We hope you will stop by the Department Office (117 Calvin) anytime you have questions.  Office staff are available Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and we would be happy to help you succeed at K-State by talking with you about our course offerings, scholarships, and graduate program.

-Michael Krysko Chair, Department of History



News Archive

Immediate Job Opportunity! **If you are a graduate student or ABD who would benefit from our vacancy which has only just occurred, please contact:

Dr. Joyce Pigge
Professor of Political Science
Chair, History/Political Science Department
Bethany College
Lindsborg, Kansas 67456
785-227-3728 (home)
785-404-9499 (cell)
785-227-3380 x8215 (office)

Salary range for MA ($32,000-35,000), ABD ($35,000), PhD ($35,000 to 38,000).

If student enrollment is up, as expected, all faculty will enjoy a 3% raise in October 2017.

The college contributes to TIAA on behalf of all faculty. Faculty are not required to match or make any contribution in order to receive this benefit. I have not verified whether, or not, first-year-hires receive this benefit (2% of salary). This will increase by 1 to 2% in February if we hit our budgeted enrollment target for spring 2018. As soon as I know the facts regarding this benefit, I will let you know.


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