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Powercat Financial Counseling Resources

Powercat Financial Counseling provides FREE assistance and education to current enrolled K-State students who want assistance with financial issues such as:

  • Budgeting
  • Credit use
  • Saving
  • Identity theft
  • Managing debt
  • Student loan management
  • Transitioning to work after college

Individual counseling sessions can be requested by students at no charge. To schedule an appointment, request an appointment online providing your availability and PFC will respond by email with a suggested time and location of your counseling session. Please reply to confirm the appointment, and call PFC at least 24 hours ahead of time if you need to cancel or change your appointment.

Online counseling sessions are held for students unable to make it to the PFC office or who are accustomed to using a computer to talk to others. Learn more about online counseling.

Group Financial Presentations

Presentations are planned through both the fall and spring semesters on topical information. Some of our topics include:

  • How to use the free SALT online financial tool
  • Creating a spending or savings plan
  • How to build good credit
  • Protecting against identity theft
  • Understanding student loan repayment and consolidation
  • Personal financial management overview

Student groups can request financial presentations for their members at no additional cost as well.

View upcoming Powercat Financial Counseling events on their website.


SALT is a NEW free online program that helps students and alumni manage their money and student loans. Kansas State University's Powercat Financial Counseling has teamed with the nonprofit organization American Student Assistance to offer the free program. The university is committed to helping students enhance their financial literacy.

Use SALT to:

  • Manage student loans
  • Talk to an expert about loans
  • Seek jobs and internships
  • Search for scholarships
  • Find out how to budget money
  • Learn about credit

Please visit the SALT website to create your free account (and make sure to note that you are a K-State student for extra services).