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Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre Fellowship Program

Fellowship Program Admissions Requirements (Materials from CRC website)

Overview of Fellowship Program (Word) Click Here for PDF

Application Materials Required (Word) Click Here for PDF

Deadlines for Submission of Complete Application Packet and Online Application

Spring SemesterAugust 1
Summer SemesterDecember 1
Fall SemesterFebruary 15

Application Procedures

All application materials excluding the online application and application fee should be submitted in a packet to the following address on or before the date noted above for the semester you wish to be admitted:

Graduate School
Attention: CRC Fellowship Applicant
103 Fairchild Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66502

Note: If instructions on the specific programs website designates letters of recommendations are to be submitted by the individual writing the letters, please provide the above address to them. These letters must be received prior to your documents being forwarded to the graduate program for admission's recommendation.