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New Economics Scholarships

The department has 12 new undergraduate scholarships to offer, and that is just the start! It is all part of our ambitious goal to provide more financial support for economics majors. In 2011 we had the inaugural meeting of the Department to Economics Advisory Council. The group quickly identified financial support for students as a priority. They set a goal of increasing the number of scholarships offered by the department from four to thirty five.  Remarkably, just two years later we are more than half way to our goal. With twelve new scholarships, we can now provide some much needed support to sixteen different students each year.  

How does a department fund a dozen new scholarships in two years? How does it reach its goal of 35? Our plan is simple.

  • Start with a dedicated advisory council with the vision to articulate a goal and the ambition to achieve it.  
  • Have excellent students deserving of support.  Fortunately, we have these in abundance. Take a moment to read below about our scholarship winners and I am sure you will agree.  
  • Set the scholarship drive in the context of bigger goals. Our scholarship goal is an important piece in an overall plan for moving the department forward. You may have heard (a lot!) about K-State 2025 at the university level. In short, K-State is on the move. Our department will use this momentum to help achieve its own 2025 goals. Watch our web page for news about our ‘strategic intent’ this fall.
  • Have generous donors who believe in the cause. We all know that K-State pride runs deep. Our scholarship team has seen this time and again. A real delight of working on this scholarship drive has been finding out how deeply alumni and friends of the department believe in higher education. They want to keep college accessible as tuition costs rise, reward excellence, and attract students to the field of economics. They want to keep the K-State Department of Economics strong and see it improve.

So we are on our way, but with a big challenge still ahead. Would you like to help? You can contact me at to learn more or contribute at the link on this page. I hope you will check back to this webpage in the future to see our progress. Below you can read about the scholarships awarded last year. Several others will make their debut at our spring banquet.


2013 Scholarships

Mary Lynn Staley Scholarship awarded to Brett Lightle

Brett has been involved as a highly regarded tutor in Leasure Hall for the past several semesters and brings a positive attitude to everything he does. Brett will be leaving K-State to pursue his master degree. 

Douglas E. and Victoria D. Hill Scholarship awarded to Morgan Flanders

Morgan is an honor student with a strong academic record. In addition, she serves as treasurer of her sorority (Kappa Kappa Gamma) and will be interning this summer at the Kansas Department of Agriculture. Impressively, Morgan is pursuing a graduate degree in statistics while working on her economics major.

Edward Jones Scholarship awarded to Zachary Reed

Zach is one of our very well-rounded economics majors. While maintaining a nearly perfect grade point average, he is also heavily involved in campus activities. He was the former director of the Royal Purple Yearbook; as well as, a former president of Beta Theta Pi. He is an energetic student with a bright future.

David and Sharon Jordening Scholarships awarded to Nina Chilen and Chase McCormick

Nina Chilen

Nina is a high-achieving student who studied abroad and has been able to maintain a very strong grade point average while double majoring in economics and marketing. She was one of the top students in the sports economics class taught by Dr. Kuester.

Chase McCormick

Chase has been active in the economics club for the past several years and demonstrates a great deal of enthusiasm for economics. He has a strong academic record and continues to succeed in his studies.

Duane & Leslee K. Cantrell Scholarship awarded to Petra Niedermayerova

Petra is a strong student athlete who excels on the tennis court and in the classroom. This summer she will be interning at the Heritage Foundation Center for International Trade and Economics. She is the 2012 ITA Central Region Tennis Champion and captain of the Kansas State Tennis Team and a tennis All-American. Petra is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and is actively involved with the economics club. She will be attending graduate school in economics after she finishes at K-State.

Ross Alan Haymaker Family Scholarship awarded to Lindsay Suderman

Lindsay is a double major in economics and political science and has a perfect 4.0 grade point average. She is a delightful and ambitious student determined to make a difference. She has already served as a political intern in Washington D.C. and is very active in volunteer work.

Bradley James Haymaker Family Scholarship awarded to Chase Woofter

Chase is an accomplished student with a nearly perfect grade point average. His enthusiasm for economics is infectious. Chase has been a leader in our Economics Club and is an inquisitive participant in all of his classes.

Craig Edwin Haymaker Family Scholarship awarded to Joseph Dasenbrock

Joseph is an excellent representative of the department. He spent a few years working after high school which gave him a very mature understanding of the importance of a university education. He takes advantage of every learning experience by actively participating in and out of the classroom. He is always among the first to ask questions of our outside speakers, was recently elected vice president or our economics club, and attends all the field trips and lectures available in the department.

Todd Ryan Haymaker Family Scholarship awarded to Alex Severance

Alex is an exceptional student. He has a near-perfect grade point average and stands out in other ways as well. He is the only student who spent a year studying abroad in Bulgaria and Poland. He wanted to get off the more beaten track of study abroad programs and certainly did with these choices. He was a nominee for the prestigious Truman scholarship with an excellent proposal to evaluate micro finance in Bulgaria. Alex founded and coaches the K-State club swimming team.

Frederick and Connie Erickson Scholarship awarded to Thomas Fullagar

Thomas came to K-State as part of our honors program and has been an ambitious student. He is a double major in economics and philosophy. He is also a Putnam Scholar and a member of Phi Beta Kappa. He was recently an exchange student in Cape Town, South Africa. Upon graduation he plans to apply to top doctoral programs in economics.

Kevin Roy Armstrong Memorial Scholarship awarded to Jena Terlip

Jena is a great fit for the Kevin Armstrong scholarship. She is an energetic and ambitious student and one who makes the department a better place. She was recently re-elected to her position as secretary of the economics club. She is actively involved in helping determine which speakers we should bring to campus to speak to the club and is one of the most intellectually curious majors we have. Jena is a member of Omicron Delta Epsilon and is doing an excellent job teaching a supplemental principles of economics class for Dr. Dan Kuester.

Michael and Geraldine K. Carlisle Scholarship awarded to Ross Allen

Ross is a double major in economics and philosophy and continues to thrive in his studies. He is involved with student government as the director of student affairs for that group. He is also a member of the student alumni board and a member of the Acacia executive council.

John Delehanty Memorial Scholarship awarded to Samuel Kenny

Samuel is a great fit for the Delehanty scholarship. He epitomizes the commitment to social justice the award promotes. He recently spent a year volunteering at a micro finance institution in Uruguay. This experience has been the topic of his economics research since returning. Samuel recently gave a compelling talk on micro finance in Uruguay at the Dallas Federal Reserve Economics Scholars Program and also presented his research at the Kansas State Capitol. Samuel has an impressive GPA and formerly played basketball for Baker University.

James and Kathryn Haymaker Family Economics Scholarship awarded to Stephanie Birdsall

Stephanie Birdsall was recently re-elected President of the Economics Club and she has been an excellent representative of our department in addition to being a very strong student. She has taught a supplemental class for students (providing extra help sessions) in ECON 110 and is currently teaching a similar class in ECON 120. She has participated in the Dallas Economics Scholars Program each of the past two years and was named the editor in chief of the selection process for this symposium in 2013.

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