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Center for Advocacy, Response and Education


Bringing in the Bystander 

The CARE office is excited to be starting a new program entitled Bringing in the Bystander. Bringing in the Bystander provides participants with the skills to help them act safely when they see behavior that puts others at risk for violence, victimization, or perpetration. These include speaking out against rape myths and sexist language, supporting victim/survivors, and intervening in potentially violent situations.

If you would like to attend a training session, please fill out our registration form

Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence Awareness Workshops

The Reality of Sexual Violence

This workshop will present facts, statistics, and myths and misconceptions about sexual violence. Participants will learn about sexual consent, why you need it, and how to have a healthy sexual interaction. This interactive session will promote an honest discussion about consent and communication within relationships through a variety of activities, exploring what it means to have enthusiastic consent.
Time: 60 minutes

The Reality of Relationship Violence

This workshop will present facts, statistics, and myths and misconceptions about intimate partner, dating and domestic violence. Participants will be introduced to the definitions of relationship violence and that it does not always include what we think of as traditional violence. This interactive session will promote an honest discussion about what a healthy relationship might look like through a variety of activities.
Time: 60 minutes

The Center for Advocacy, Response, and Education 101

This workshop will introduce participants to CARE’s services, mission and purpose. The audience will be provided with definition of advocacy (what it is, what it is not), how the CARE office uses a trauma-informed and survivor centered approach, and how the K-State community can become involved in supporting survivors and educating the campus community.
Time: 20 minutes


If you would like to have someone from CARE come to your location (residence hall, community, class, etc.) to give a presentation, facilitate a discussion, or provide prevention education materials, please complete the online Workshop Request FormFor preparation and planning purposes, please make your request at least two weeks in advance.
For more information or to speak with an advocate, call the CARE office at 785-532-6444 or email ksucare@k-state.edu.


CARE's Nonviolence Half-hour show on KSDB Wildcat 91.9

CARE has the great pleasure of working with the K-State radio station, KSDB 91.9, to bring listeners the Nonviolence Half-hour. During these shows, the CARE coordinators (plus some awesome guests from time-to-time) pick a topic related to our office's work and current events and tackle it for about 30 minutes while also sharing our favorite music. Feel free to check out our recorded shows:

Male Sexual Assault

How to support friends and family who experience sexual or domestic violence

Consent is merely a cup of tea

Yes Means Yes

Game of Thrones and rape depictions in TV

Rape Myths

Music: Expression and Accountability

The 88th Oscars and Collegian's Sexual Assault Spotlight