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Center for Advocacy, Response and Education

Center for Advocacy, Response and Education

The Center for Advocacy, Response and Education provides confidential services and advocacy for survivors of sexual violence, dating violence, stalking and harassment. The CARE coordinators are available to assist survivors in understanding and navigating university policies and procedures and helps promote the academic success and personal wellness of survivors. The CARE coordinators are also available to the greater K-State community to provide education, training and facilitated conversations around the aforementioned and related topics.


Check out CARE's 2014-2015 Year in Review (pdf)



CARE's Nonviolence Half-hour show on KSDB Wildcat 91.9

CARE has the great pleasure of working with the K-State radio station, KSDB 91.9, to bring listeners the Nonviolence Half-hour. During these shows, the CARE coordinators (plus some awesome guests from time-to-time) pick a topic related to our office's work and current events and tackle it for about 30 minutes while also sharing our favorite music. Feel free to check out our recorded shows:

Male Sexual Assault

How to support friends and family who experience sexual or domestic violence

Consent is merely a cup of tea

Yes Means Yes

Game of Thrones and rape depictions in TV