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Student Access Center

Student Access Center

Student Access Center appreciates disability as an integral part of the K-State University experience. We are committed to providing equal access and opportunity to all campus programs and services for students with disabilities. Through collaboration and support of the entire campus community, the Access Center promotes disability pride, self-determination of the student, and universally accessible design principles, so that everyone has full access to university life.

New tool on campus!

read and write logo

Are you having trouble writing a research paper, or looking for a way to study more effectively? Read and Write for both Windows and Mac can make your K-State experience even more enjoyable by simplifying everyday stressors.

Features of the Read and Write software:

  • Text -to-speech - reads aloud electronic text for improved comprehension.
  • Speech maker - creates and MP3 version of electronic text for on-the-go reading.
  • Vocabulary list builder - creates lists with definitions and pictures for effective studying.
  • Highlighter tool - highlights and then collects the color-coded highlights for your research paper.

Active K-State students, faculty or staff can download Read and Write for home or office use at no cost. An eID and password are required.  Please note downloading time may be lengthy.  For technical difficulties contact the IT Help Desk. For more information about Read and Write features visit Texthelp. Download Read and Write now!