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There is a significant amount of information in this section on the issue of caring, primarily in support of my course on ethics. In this section, Each module provides a list of resources for students taking the Kansas State University online course The Development of Ethical Reasoning In the Emergence of Caring and Integrity (for both FSHS 300 and FSHS 708).

All visitors here who are not taking the course are welcome to examine each of the modules and in a sense be “shadow” students if you want, assimilating information without a dialogue with other students and the instructor (and of course no credit). Think of someone purchasing and reading a textbook but not enrolled in the course.

Occasionally some of the links in these modules may become unreachable. If you discover such a link, please inform the instructor at

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Module 1. What is ethics

Module 2. Do animals have morality?

Module 3. Is there a human nature?

Module 4. Origins of caring

Module 5. Origins of conviction

Module 6. The caring community

Module 7. Decision making and ethics

Module 8. Willpower and emotion

Module 9. Courage and ethics

Module 10. Does evil exist?