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Helping Friends requires courage
Helping others can enrich our lives. But helping others may require taking risks. The opening of Friend’s hearts to us can be frightening. Maybe the emotions will become too difficult to handle. How do we respond to anger or uncontrollable tears? What happens if we say the wrong thing or if Friends misinterpret our words or actions?

We must never be a passive witness to another's pain. You are taking this course to become better prepared, to be more knowledgeable. There are no certainties though. Life and our willingness to become involved always involve some risk. What good can any of us do if avoidance of risk is paramount in our lives? Our courage is not blind, though. We are aware of events as they unfold and the risks that might emerge.

The word courage combines the French words for heart and action. Caring is putting the heart into action. For more information about courage and its origins, visit my webpage for my book Raising Courageous Kids: Eight Steps to Practical Heroism.

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