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Vice President for Student Life


The 2020 Division of Student Life Outstanding Staff Awards and Putting Students First Award nominations has been put on hold for the time being.  Alternate plans will be announced at a later time and nominations will be reopened then.

Outstanding Staff Awards

The Outstanding Staff Awards recognize one Graduate Student, one New Unclassified Professional, and one Unclassified Professional within the Division of Student Life who has had exemplary performance in their role.  

Dr. Susan Ariola Bosco Putting Students First Award

The Dr. Susan Ariola Bosco Putting Students First Award is presented to one full-time teaching faculty member and one full-time staff member who work in the Division of Student Life. The nominations are open in the early spring semester. Any student, faculty or staff member may nominate someone; however, a student must either be the nominator or write a letter of support for the nomination. Award winners are selected by an award committee made up of staff members in the Division of Student Life serving on the Staff Development & Engagement Committee. The award winners receive a plaque at a reception attended by department members, faculty, friends, and family of all recipients and nominees. Award winners also receive a monetary award. Other nominees receive a certificate.

Previous Recipients


Dean of Student Life Outstanding Graduating Senior Award

Since 1999, the Dean of Student Life Outstanding Graduating Senior Award has been presented to approximately a dozen graduating seniors who are nominated by staff in the Division of Student Life. The nominations open early in the spring semester. The nominees must be strong leaders who have made outstanding contributions to student life during their K-State career. Award winners are selected by the Division of Student Life Associate/Assistant Vice Presidents. The award winners receive an engraved plaque with their pictures. The professional pictures are taken at iconic campus locations, giving the students a lasting memory of their K-State days. There is an awards reception, to which family, friends, supporters, staff, and faculty are invited.

**The 2020 nomination window has now closed and the review process is underway**

With limited operations on campus, we will look into a way to celebrate the award winners in an alternate fashion.  More details will be shared soon!

Previous Recipients