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Vice President for Student Life


Phillips 66 SHIELD Scholars Program

Each year approximately 25 students from the College of Engineering and the College of Business are selected to serve as a scholar within the SHIELD Scholars program.  The program is through Phillips 66 and is dedicated to attract, develop and lead talented individuals in their careers, while furthering their efforts to positively impact the energy market with diversity of thought and global perspective.  This highly valued scholarship offers a variety of exceptional opportunities for the scholars selected, including a $3,500 annual scholarship, involvement in enrichment opportunities, cultural events, community service and engagement programs, leadership activities that focus on service learning and personal growth, and development through mentoring and guidance from an assigned Phillips 66 professional.  

The Phillips 66 SHIELD Scholars program is designed for high-potential undergraduate students who have an interest in our industry and who meet certain academic and activity requirements.

2019 Graduating Scholars

Engineering Scholars

Aubrey Busenitz, Hayden Bryant, Jesus Loera, Joe Malone, Jordan Martin, and Mary Pat Siebert

Business Scholars

Eli Camp

2019-2020 Scholars

Engineering Scholars

Abbe Funk, Alex Sheikh, Ali Karamali, Antonio Carter, Cade McCoy, Camden Mayfield, Cameron Stout, Dyllan Boykin, Joseph Rohleder, Marissa Shivers, Max Meyer, Nicolas Sastoque, and Trey Schmidt

Business Scholars

Amy Scott-Sanjur, Connor Smith, Graham Wood, Jalen Williams, Katelyn Gehrt, Kevin Munoz Hernandez, Michaela Korte, Michelle Villagrana, Parker Ost, and Sai Marre

Dean of Student Life Outstanding Graduating Senior Award

The Dean of Student Life Outstanding Graduating Senior Award is presented to 12-14 graduating seniors who are nominated by staff in the Division of Student Life. The nominations are open in early spring semester. The students must have excelled in two or more areas of student life. Award winners are selected by a committee of student life staff members who make recommendations to Dr. Bosco, who makes the final selections. The award has been in place since 1999. The award winners receive a plaque with their pictures and an engraving. The professionally-done pictures are taken at the students' favorite campus locations, giving them a lasting memory of their K-State days. There is a reception for the awards, which is attended by family, friends, supporters, staff, and faculty of each student.

President Myers and Outstanding Graduating Seniors Recipients

Back Row (Left to Right): Kansas State University President Richard Myers, Jacob Rose, Devin Bratkiv, Paloma Roman, Adam Carr, Gabrielle Coleman, Rafael Garcia, Matt Mindrup, Elizabeth Weesner, and former Kansas State University Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students Dr. Pat Bosco. Front (Left to Right): Jordan Kiehl, Samantha Judd, Vanessa Sastoque, Makinsey McIntosh, Marlene Campos Guerrero, Mariah Kinderknecht, and Lacy Pitts.

2019 Recipients

Adam Carr, Devin Bratkiv, Elizabeth Weesner, Gabrielle Coleman, Jacob Rose, Jordan Kiehl, Lacy Pitts, Laura Sastoque, Makinsey McIntosh, Mariah Kinderknecht, Marlene Campos Guerrero, Matt Mindrup, Paloma Roman, Rafael Garcia, and Samantha Judd.

Previous Recipients

Outstanding Staff Awards

The Outstanding Staff Awards recognize one Graduate Student, one New Unclassified Professional, and one Unclassified Professional within the Division of Student Life who has had exemplary performance in their role.

Dr. Susan Ariola Bosco Putting Students First Award

The Dr. Susan Ariola Bosco Putting Students First Award is presented to one full-time teaching faculty member and one full-time staff member who work in the Division of Student Life (all of the areas that report to Dr. Bosco). The nominations are open in the early spring semester. Any student, faculty or staff member may nominate someone; however, a student must either be the nominator or write a letter of support for the nomination. Award winners are selected by an award committee made up of staff members in the Division of Student Life serving on the Staff Development Committee. The award winners receive a plaque at a reception attended by department members, faculty, friends, and family of all recipients and nominees. Award winners also receive a monetary award. Other nominees receive a certificate.

2019 Recipients

Faculty: Dr. Mohammad H. Hosni was awarded the Putting Students First Award for Faculty. Dr. Hosni is a professor in the Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering departments and the director of the University Engineering Alliance.

Staff: Maggie Borders was awarded the Putting Students First Award for the Division of Student Life Staff. Maggie is a program specialist for the McNair Scholars Program, which is part of the University Success Center.

Previous Recipients