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Video and Engineering Services

VES Services Available

Who Can Use Video and Engineering Services?

We work with everyone. Although our primary focus is to support the needs of Kansas State University, Video and Engineering Services also supports a variety of commercial and network clients. Frequent collaborations with major national programming (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS) and cable news networks (CNN, Fox News, MSNBC) give the major networks ready access to K-State experts, who can appear on television via satellite from our studios or on location. We also aid a variety of national and state organizations, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, and the Kansas State Department of Education.

Because some of our clients are new to the world of professional video while others are deeply experienced, we value careful communication and offer tiered solutions to suit varying budgets and needs. In short, we listen. We help. And we act with confidence and clarity.

All Stages of Production

Our producers can shape and shepherd your idea all the way to the audience's TV, from pre-production through final post and broadcast. In pre-production we help you plan and budget, pen scripts, choose camera setups, do casting, erect sets, and advise talent on how to dress for successful green-screen adventures.

We delight in finding approaches that fit your goals, time requirements, and budget. We'll help you choose between multi-camera shoots directed to tape, a flexible approach involving nonlinear editing, or a cost-effective hybrid.

During production we manage lighting, block scenes, and perform all the directorial magic that happens between "Action!" and "That's a wrap!" Our artful crew handles lighting, mic positions, etc., so you can focus on content.

Our post-production team edits video, creates motion graphics, sweetens audio, adds music, and delivers everything on the target tape, DVD, or your desired file format in accordance with recognized standards. Our editors are insightful, imaginative, and aligned with your audience. If you have a vision, they'll achieve it. If you're not sure what to say, they know how to elicit ideas and bring lots of experience to the table.

Broadcast / Distribution

If you need to get your product on the air now, K-State's Division of Communications and Marketing provides fixed and mobile digital video uplink services via Ku-band satellite transmission. Using these uplink systems, we can bounce video signals into space for reception and viewing anywhere. We have redundant uplink hardware in our systems and can feed live or taped programs, segments, or raw footage to almost anywhere in the United States equipped with a Ku-band dish and receiver.

As the originating studio for K-State TV and KKSU-LP television, we understand the demands of live-to-air, live-to-tape, and electronic field production. Whether creating in the studio or on the scene, we can get your message where it needs to go.

Want polished video on your website or mobile device? We can take you from initial script to final download. Our video credentials ensure that web movies look crisp and load fast. Working in concert with K-State's Office of Mediated Education, we can also stream your live media or event for large simultaneous Internet audiences.


Our technology backbone has over 108 years combined experience in broadcast engineering. All team members hold FCC Lifetime General Radiotelephone Operator licenses and also maintain appropriate SBE Certifications. Expertise spans RF (television/radio transmitters, microwave/fiber links, satellite uplinks/downlinks) to production (analog and digital production systems, cameras, character generators, NLE's, intercom systems, and several video tape standards.) All are dedicated to getting it right the first time, on time. We can also provide maintenance, design, and installation services for your on-campus production facility and its equipment if you're looking for a truly professional partner.

In any video production, sound and music is at least half the picture; yet many service providers lack true audio experts. We employ a Certified Audio Engineer to ensure that your audio sounds as great as your video looks. You'll enjoy working with professionals who know how to get it done!