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Video and Engineering Services

Facilities and equipment


Need a studio? Dole Hall houses a spacious 2,500 square foot professional television studio, fully-equipped with lights, confidence monitors and pedestal-mounted SD/HD cameras and teleprompters. The studio is large enough to allow for pre-built or custom sets, and features our excellent video production and engineering teams for support and operation.

Need to chroma key? We've got that, and a lot more. Our studio control room and technical operations center has a broadcast-quality SD/HD digital production switcher, character generator, close-captioning (both SD and HD) and professional video monitoring. There's even a unique viewing gallery overlooking the studio, in case you're bringing a small audience of stakeholders or participants...

We can record to a file for FTP transmission, Professional Disc (XDCAM) or standard definition DVCPro 25/50, BetaCAM SP; even direct to DVD. We also have a wide variety of functional legacy equipment available for performing dubs of older tape types to more modern storage formats.

Satellite Uplink

Need an on-location satellite feed? Our broadcasters go where the action is to capture that live speech, news story, or sporting event. Our fully-redundant Ku-band uplink truck bounces digital signals from anywhere we can drive to anywhere else on the planet, including your station (or our facility) for live viewing, taping or redistribution.

Our 4.5 meter dish has better-than-average reception in case you also need on-site downlink capabilities. Our truck is available on weekends and outside normal office hours; but to schedule a remote event, please contact Robert Nelson between 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Remote Production

For production in the field, our HD-capable hybrid remote production truck is ready to go where you need it. The mobile production unit has everything needed to shoot, edit, generate titles, ensure good audio, and monitor and switch between multiple camera feeds. Our skilled crew ensures a smooth experience, capturing what you need in professional HD quality.

For full service location shooting and live broadcasting, you can schedule both the remote production truck and the satellite uplink service together. To plan your event, contact Robert Nelson. Actual remote production can actually occur at any time, including evenings and weekends; but you must schedule in advance.