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K-State Today

May 10, 2024

Silveru and Parks honored with Dr. Susan Ariola Bosco Putting Students First Awards

Submitted by Kevin Cook

The Division of Academic Success and Student Affairs recently announced the recipients of the Dr. Susan Ariola Bosco Putting Students First Awards: Kaliramesh Siliveru, associate professor of grain science and industry, faculty honoree; and Teresa Parks, assistant director of the Career Center, staff honoree.

These esteemed individuals have demonstrated exceptional dedication to student success and well-being, embodying the spirit of putting students first in their respective roles within Kansas State University. Both made profound contributions to the student community through their tireless efforts and unwavering commitment.

Siliveru's dedication to mentoring and guiding students in the fields of grain science and food science has been exemplary. Through his mentorship, numerous students have achieved academic excellence, presented their research at prestigious conferences and received accolades for their contributions to the field. Siliveru understands the power of networks and has gone above and beyond to connect his students with key organizations, opening doors to valuable networking and industry opportunities.

Parks' impact has been immeasurable. Her ability to connect with students on a personal level, provide invaluable career guidance and ensure access to essential resources such as the Career Closet has transformed the lives of countless students, empowering them to pursue their professional aspirations. From the Career Center to Justin Hall to the Multicultural Student Center, students can often find her somewhere on campus popping up to help them with their career preparation needs.

Both Siliveru and Parks have demonstrated a deep commitment to the well-being of students, both academically and personally. They have created supportive environments where students feel valued, respected and empowered to succeed. Through their kindness, empathy and genuine concern for students' welfare, they have fostered a sense of belonging and community on campus. Their outstanding contributions to student success and well-being embody exactly what the award was established to recognize.

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