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K-State Today Student Edition

September 28, 2021

Tell us about your Wildcat journey

Submitted by Ashley

What is K-State culture? Tell us about your Wildcat journey.

This week, the Center for Student Involvement is promoting the activities, organizations, programs and traditions that makes K-State special.  In order to inform new first-time on-campus students about the numerous opportunities that await them at K-State and we need your help!

On Instagram, we encourage all to post a picture of what K-State culture is to you and describe what it means to be a Wildcat using #yourwildcatjourney. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing online, feel free to email us at studentinvolvement@k-state.edu. We would love to hear from you.

Some questions that might help spark some ideas for what you could share about your Wildcat experience:

- What makes K-State unique?

- In what ways do you feel at home here?

- What groups/activities/events have had a positive impact on you?

- What does the K-State environment or culture have that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else?

- What makes you proud to be a Wildcat?

- What K-State traditions do you enjoy participating in and why?

- When was the moment you realized what it means to be a Wildcat?

- What would you recommend a first-time student to get involved/participate in and how should they go about doing so?

- Is there anything you wished you knew or had gotten involved in when you first came to K-State?

We all have different reasons for coming to K-State. Some may be here because they grew up hearing about the traditions at K-State, some may be here for one of the many wonderful programs here, and some may be here just so they wouldn’t have to pay out-of-state tuition. No matter the reason, we all share the same common denominator: we’re Wildcats.