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K-State Today

December 2, 2020

New podcast for parents and caregivers

Submitted by Chelsea Schulte

Kids These Days Thumbnail

Has spending more time with your children during the pandemic got you asking, "why do kids do what they do?" The "Kids These Days" podcast might have your answer.

The podcast covers a variety of topics ranging from free play strategies and screen time use to empathy and modeling behaviors — and everything in between in bite-sized episodes. Each episode also has an accompanying infographic available for download with concise information for easy reference. 

"Kids These Days" is a co-production of the Kansas Child Care Training Opportunities-Kansas Inservice Training System Infant Toddler Specialist Network and KCCTO Workforce Development programs. Infant Toddler Specialist Network and Workforce Development are grant programs, funded by the Kansas Department for Children and Families, that provide training and technical assistance to infant and toddler providers across the state of Kansas.

Kansas Child Care Training Opportunities is a sponsored project of the Kansas State University College of Health and Human Sciences.

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Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook @kidsthesedayspod and now on Twitter @ktdpod.