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December 11, 2019

Highlights from the Nov. 12 Faculty Senate meeting

Submitted by Faculty Senate

Guest: Linda Cook, president's chief of staff and director of community relations, was present to discuss e-scooters with senators and their coming to campus in the spring.

Standing committee and Student Senate reports:

  • Academic Affairs: A revision to the standard class meeting times was approved to include a summer schedule. Discussion surrounded the new Bachelor of Science in public health degree proposal, which was not approved.
  • Faculty Affairs: No report.
  • Professional Staff Affairs: The Docking Institute Survey results are available on the PSA website; they will have listening sessions for staff in the spring. They have partnered with HCS to educate campus on the new competencies framework that has been purchased. The DMV will have a mobile driver's license Real ID booth on campus.
  • Student Senate: Long term financial planning is ongoing. The Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee continues to meet.
  • Technology, FSCOT: No report.
  • FSCOUP: No report. 


  • President-elect Markham announced that Tara Coleman has been approved to replace Sonya Lutter, who was unable to complete her current term as ombudsperson. 
  • KBOR Credit for Prior Learning Guideline Review. President-elect Markham directed attention to the link and requested feedback to be provided to President González by Nov. 15. 

Open discussion period 

  • Sen. Barrett announced there will be a meeting on Nov. 21 to discuss further ways to assist students who are experiencing much stress. Senators are invited to attend.
  • Sen. Easton encouraged all to be aware of unintended consequences of upgrading a classroom with technology, mainly that seating capacity is reduced.
  • Sen. Korten reported that the campus map no longer shows logos of the buildings, which has resulted in many emails from students seeking exam rooms.  

Mindy Markham
Faculty Senate President-Elect
Associate Professor, Family Studies and Human Services
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506