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K-State Today

April 17, 2019

K-State's 21st Birthday Project showcased at Meeting of the Minds Conference

Submitted by Julie Gibbs


Jean DeDonder, alcohol and other drug education director, and Natalie Mullen, certified peer educator and WellCAT Ambassador, Lafene Health Center, co-presented on K-State's 21st Birthday Project in April at the regional prevention conference, Meeting of the Minds, hosted in Missouri.

Their presentation highlighted the success of the 21st Birthday Project. This innovative program places the focus on college students turning 21 while attending K-State. For students who choose to drink, the transition to turning 21 in Manhattan often presents new challenges including drinking for the first time, drinking in new and unfamiliar environments, and being faced with pressure to consume more than they have in the past. Identified K-State students turning 21 receive an email invitation to drop by Lafene Health Center and have a brief educational session with a certified peer educator regarding responsible alcohol use and harm reduction strategies. Once the eligible student completes the educational session, the student receives a "celebration coupon book" along with a birthday cookie and birthday card.

Meeting of the Minds is the annual conference sponsored by Partners in Prevention, Missouri's higher education substance abuse consortium dedicated to creating healthy and safe college campuses. The coalition is comprised of 21 public and private college and university campuses across the state. Campus judicial officials, law enforcement, and campus prevention professionals are encouraged to take part in both their local coalition efforts and the statewide Partners in Prevention coalition. The unique composition brings together different perspectives on health promotion and prevention efforts.

For more information on the project, visit Lafene's website at k-state.edu/lafene.

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