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K-State Today

October 4, 2016

K-State 8 lists enhanced for advisors and students

Submitted by Steven Dandaneau

A new listing of K-State 8 courses that is meant to facilitate long-range academic planning for students and advisors is now available. Complementing the course listing by area, which is limited to courses offered during the current semester, students and advisors may now review listings by area, which are not limited by the current semester. 

The new listings include last-offerred dates and, when relevant, second K-State 8 area tags. Students and advisors can look beyond the current semester to anticipate probable K-State 8 course offerings that are most suitable. Such planning is apt to especially benefit students whose required curricula are relatively proscribed, but all students are expected to benefit from informed planning, which charts a probable course toward graduation.

General education introduces academic study and learning objectives which the faculty have determined are essential for every undergraduate student. Research demonstrates that the vast majority of K-State undergraduates complete a substantial number of K-State 8 courses offered by K-State faculty. This means that students are engaging core learning and knowledge as well as their chosen specialized academic and professional disciplines, with the two informing each other and providing the curricular foundation for K-State's renowned excellence in undergraduate education.

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