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April 1, 2016

American ethnic studies department members present research at conference panel

Submitted by Isabel Millan

AMETH Panelists

Representatives from the American ethnic studies department presented at the Mid-America American Studies Association Conference March 4-5 in Lawrence. This year's theme, "Battleground Midwest: Defining Who and What Matters in the U.S. and Beyond," addressed the Midwest as the geographical center of the U.S. in relationship to national and international current events.

Under the panel titled "Embodiment and Displacement within American Ethnic Studies," members of the department presented original research on topics ranging from public policy to parent-child relationships.

Jalisa Jackson and Alonso Peña presented preliminary findings on their undergraduate research projects. In the paper, "Imagining Policy: Afrofuturism and Chicanafuturism in Public Policy," Jackson discussed the potential relevance of Afrofuturism for combating poverty. Meanwhile, Peña's paper, "Superheroes of Color: Power in the Hands of the Powerless," analyzed Cartoon Network's "Steven Universe."

In the paper, "'War Baby/Love Child': Korean Motherhood, Creation Stories and Autobiographies," Melisa Posey interlaced the implications of global policies in family formations through personal narratives.

Isabel Millán's paper, "Provocative Pedagogies Beyond the Classroom," surveyed Chicana/o Latina/o children's cultural productions.

Visit the American ethnic studies department's website to learn more about the department, courses and upcoming events.