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November 20, 2015

Want to give input to the State Employee Health Plan?

Submitted by Human Capital Services - Benefits

Interested in giving input to the health benefits of K-State employees? Consider applying for the Employee Advisory Committee for the State Employee Health Plan. The application is due by Nov. 23.

The Kansas state employees health care commission develops and provides for the implementation and administration of the state health care benefits program. The Health Care Commission Employee Advisory Committee is established to advise the commission on matters relating to health care benefits of state officers and employees and to assist the commission in the development of policy with respect to such benefits, K.S.A. 75-6510.

The committee meets four to six times a year with different topics of discussion that may include: future plan changes, wellness initiatives and other topics that the Health Care Commission desires to obtain member's input and feedback. State Employee Health Plan staff work with the Employee Advisory Committee leadership on important topics of discussion. The committee chair may be called upon by the commission to provide a report of their activities at their regular business meetings.

  • The Health Care Commission re-implemented an Employee Advisory Committee as provided by K.S.A. 75-6501(b) by adopting Employee Advisory Committee Bylaws on Aug. 16, 1995. The committee is composed of 21 members, 18 of whom are active employees and three are participating through Direct Bill. Each member serves a three-year term.
  • Members are selected to serve by the Health Care Commission on the basis of geographic location, agency, gender, age, and plan participation in order to assure that a balanced membership representing a broad range of employee and Direct Bill members interests are represented.
  • The Employee Advisory Committee meets four to six times a year in Topeka at the Landon Building. For member’s selected to serve on the Employee Advisory Committee, the agency for which the employee works must agree to their serving and must cover the cost of transportation and wages for the employee to participate. Members receive no compensation for serving.  

To apply to the Employee Advisory Committee, please complete the Employee Advisory Committee application.