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October 2, 2015

Results are in: Week two of the Movement Challenge

Submitted by Human Capital Services - Benefits

K-State really is making progress during the Movement Challenge. K-State has moved an average of 10,163 steps per day during week two. That is an increase of 668 steps from last week. This week, we traveled an equivalent of 19,666 miles. That too is an increase from last week.

The movement challenge is having a positive impact on our K-State community. The K-State First group has been implementing walking meetings and is encouraging each other to live their best.

Mandi McKinley from K-State First says, "At our team retreat in August, we each outlined personal goals for the year. Each of us had a fitness goal, of varying degrees. Since then, I had been more aware of those personal goals, but hadn't made any big action toward those goals. The #PurpleIsProgress Challenge renewed that desire to accomplish those goals, and gave me some competitive incentive to do so."

McKinley also indicated this renewed push toward meeting her fitness goals have trickled down to her family.

"My two school-aged children participated in the Body First School Fitness Challenge this last weekend, and are inspired to run more themselves," she said. "It is better for all of us health-wise to get out and move more, but the emotional benefits of giggling about 'booty kicks' while we run around the block or laughing together while we play tag is equally as motivating. Thanks, #PurpleIsProgress, for providing the motivation I needed to kickstart my fitness goals."

We also are seeing the Movement Challenge as a great team building and bonding experience. The K-State Olathe team has taken this challenge full force. From group bike rides, walks and runs, they are learning to be a great team, while encouraging each other to meet their goals.

"We get together across divisions and leadership levels and just enjoy each other’s company. And it feels great to be outside," said Joan Leavens, from K-State Olathe.

And now, for the results…

Leaderboad week two results 

The Budget Office has moved into first place with 14,781 average steps per day! Keep up the good work and let's see who is on top next week.

To see the total results after week two, go to our #PurpleIsProgress website. It's not too late to join; help your department rise to the top of the leader board by participating next week.