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K-State Today

May 29, 2024

Building and sustaining the next-gen workforce: 2% across-the-board increase for eligible employees

Submitted by Richard Linton

Dear K-State faculty and staff, 

The accomplishments we achieved during the past school year and continue to achieve are all possible because of you. From launching multiple interdisciplinary initiatives to increasing enrollment for the first time in nine years, your commitment to pursuing the passion you love is making us the next-generation land-grant university. 

That is why I am pleased to announce a 2% across-the-board compensation increase for all benefits-eligible faculty, unclassified staff, university support staff, graduate teaching assistants, graduate research assistants and graduate assistants hired on or before Dec. 1, 2023. All eligible employees will see their increase reflected in pay advices beginning July 5, 2024. For those who receive annual contracts, the pay increase will also be reflected in their 2024-2025 contracts. 

This compensation increase reflects our commitment to caring for our people and ensuring they are compensated for their contributions to our university's success and continues to build upon the increases of the past two years. 

One priority of the Next-Gen K-State strategic plan is to build and sustain the next-generation land-grant workforce at K-State. By investing in our faculty and staff, we are not only recognizing your invaluable efforts but also fostering a supportive and thriving work environment that ensures our university remains a leader in education, research, community engagement and more. 

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to excellence and unwavering support of K-State's mission and values. Together, we are leading the nation as a next-generation land-grant university for our peers, students, community and world. 

Go 'Cats! 

Richard Linton
Kansas State University