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February 23, 2024

Norris Design named APDesign's Firm of the Year

Submitted by Thom Jackson

Norris Design, an award-winning people and placemaking firm, has been honored as the inaugural recipient of the 2024 College of Architecture, Planning & Design, or APDesign, Firm of the Year award. The award recognizes Norris Design's years of unwavering support for APDesign and Kansas State University.

Norris Design has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to design education across various disciplines including architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture, industrial design and planning. The firm's commitment to upholding the highest standards and delivering quality performance in the design profession has set a benchmark for excellence.

The award will be presented at the Design Expo reception on Sunday, Feb. 25, where Norris Design will be acknowledged for its outstanding contributions. Furthermore, the firm will be prominently featured with a banner in the Design Expo on the following day, showcasing this achievement.

The criteria for the award underline Norris Design's exceptional engagement with the College of Architecture, Planning & Design. These include:

  • Direct support for scholarships: Norris Design provides financial support for scholarships, assisting design students in pursuing their education.
  • Faculty support/faculty chairs: The firm explores potential funding for specific professorships or chairs, aiming to advance education and research in design.
  • Employment and/or internships for APDesign students: Norris Design actively recruits and hires students from the College of Architecture, Planning & Design, contributing significantly to their professional development.
  • Research support: The firm is committed to supporting research initiatives and projects within the college, whether through providing material resources, financial funding, or collaboration.
  • Other areas of involvement: Norris Design participates in advisory councils, sponsors teams, and engages in various activities that align with and support the college's mission and goals.

This accolade recognizes Norris Design's outstanding commitment to education, research and professional development within the design community. The firm has significantly contributed to the growth and success of K-State's College of Architecture, Planning & Design.

Norris Design will celebrate this achievement at the Design Expo reception, where key representatives, including David Lane, Alyssa Butler and Erich Herbel, will be in attendance.