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July 17, 2013

Summary of Alternative Service Committee June 26 meeting minutes

Submitted by Alternative Service Committee

The Alternative Service Committee has incorporated input from classified employees received at the discussion groups held in April and May into the discipline, protection system white paper.

The communications team presented the paper on the Appeals Board for University Support Staff with suggestions received at the group meetings. The board makeup was discussed at length, including the number of members; minimum number of years of employment for board member; length of term; who would provide staffing support for the board; allowance of the person filing a grievance to challenge the participation of any panel member due to a conflict of interest; board members signing a form stating there is no conflict of interest with the employee who files the grievance; the members will be able to serve in a fair and just manner; and the election of the board chair and vice chair.

Gary Leitnaker will take the appeals paper to university general counsel for suggestions and recommendations, which will be brought back to the Alternative Service Committee.

The performance appraisal white paper was discussed next. Overall comments received at the discussion groups indicated very few employees like the current performance evaluation process, as well as expressed support of the previous evaluation form that was two pages long. Leitnaker announced that the state is working on a new two-page performance evaluation for all state classified employees. He indicated his office provided comments and input to the state on the new form.

A draft of the new University Support Staff Handbook is currently being reviewed by the human resources staff. The Alternative Service Committee will review the handbook next. The handbook is designed to be short, with references and links to the Policies and Procedures Manual.

The committee's website, communications, copies of white papers and progress of the plan can be found at http://www.k-state.edu/altservcomm/. The full minutes can be found at http://www.k-state.edu/altservcomm/minutes/June_26_13_minutes.pdf.