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June 17, 2013

National Safety Month week three: Emergency preparedness

Submitted by Lisa Linck

Heading into Emergency Preparedness week, use this helpful information to keep safe. Encourage others to bring this safety knowledge home to their families.

Daily tips

  • June 17: When creating your emergency kit, make sure there is enough water and nonperishable food for at least three days per person.
  • June 18: Practice your emergency drills with your family at least twice a year.
  • June 19: Make sure your family members are up-to-date in their CPR and first aid training.
  • June 20: Run through emergency drills in the dark to mimic the appearance of your house in a fire or if the power goes out.
  • June 21: Make sure your family emergency plan takes everyone's physical abilities into consideration, including children and older adults.

What's in your kit?

Your home or work routines can be disrupted with little or no warning by natural disasters, fires or other catastrophic events. It's important that you are prepared as help may not always be available. The National Safety Council has created examples of emergency kits for your home and car that can help you determine what's needed during a crisis.

Are you prepared to respond?

Many illnesses may occur suddenly and become medical emergencies, regardless of age, sex or apparent level of fitness. Effective first aid or CPR provided immediately can help save lives. Here are some tips to remember:

  • Keep a well-stocked first aid kit in your home and vehicle, and know where one is kept at work
  • If you see an unresponsive adult who is not breathing or not breathing normally, immediately call 911
  • Do not give a victim anything to eat or drink and always monitor them for changes

Be prepared for an emergency. Demo the Council’s First Aid, CPR and AED courses here!  

Resources for Kansas State University: