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February 7, 2023

HealthQuest changes for 2023

Submitted by HCS Benefits

The HealthQuest Rewards Program is a wellness incentive program offered by the State Employee Health Plan that promotes health and wellness for employees who participate in SEHP health insurance offerings. Participants who complete HealthQuest activities that promote physical, mental and emotional wellness earn credits toward premium discounts and HRA/HSA reward dollars. Learn more about the HealthQuest Rewards program

The Health Care Commission has voted to make changes to the HealthQuest Program for 2023. The State Employee Health Plan has been working to implement those changes. The biggest change is a new vendor administering this program, Marathon Health. Marathon Health already operates the health center in Topeka, which is solely available to State of Kansas employees and their families. Below are important updates and information on the program:

What rewards are offered through the HealthQuest Rewards Program?

  • Plan A: Employees who earn up to 40 credits by Dec. 31, 2023, will receive the premium incentive discount of $480 off their 2024 medical premium. Employees who earn at least 20 credits but fewer than 40 credits by Dec. 31, 2023, will receive a partial premium incentive discount of $240 off their 2024 medical premium.
  • Plans C, J and N: Employees who earn 40 credits by Dec. 31, 2023, will receive the premium incentive discount of $480 off their 2024 medical premium and up to $500 in HRA/HSA rewards, $12.50 per credit, for HealthQuest activities completed and posted in their HealthQuest portal by Nov. 17, 2023.

Who can participate in the HealthQuest wellness program?

  • Employees on Plans A, C, J and N can participate in the HealthQuest wellness program to earn credits.
  • Benefits-eligible employees who have waived SEHP coverage can participate as well but will not earn credits.
  • State Employee Health Plan-covered spouses are welcome to participate but will not earn credits. Covered spouses are no longer required to participate to earn the premium discount or the additional HRA/HSA rewards.

Am I required to participate in the HealthQuest wellness program?

  • Participation in the HealthQuest Wellness Program is completely voluntary and confidential but is encouraged.

How do I access the HealthQuest portal?

  • You now have access to the new HealthQuest portal. All participants will need to register for the new portal to participate.
  • Visit HealthQuest.ks.gov to register in the portal. If you experience difficulty registering, contact the member relations team at 785-783-4080.
  • Click on the Incentives tab on the homepage.
  • View activities and track your progress.

What activities are eligible for HealthQuest Credits in 2023?

  • Activities that are eligible for credits are separated into three categories: Preventive Care, Educational and Health Management.
  • The 2023 HealthQuest program has increased the number of preventive care services that are eligible for credits and the number of credits that can be earned per activity.
  • For a complete list of activities, log in to your HealthQuest Portal, or view the 2023 Incentive Guides:

Will biometric screenings still be offered on-site or through at-home tests?

  • The State Employee Health Plan will, unfortunately, no longer be offering this service. The on-site as well as at-home biometric screenings were very costly. This is one measure the State Employee Health Plan has taken to keep health premiums flat and in some cases reduced for the last four years.
  • You still can earn points by completing a biometric screening with your primary care physician. As a reminder, included with your medical coverage, you can receive your annual physical at no cost once per year. You should request your doctor complete lab work to include screening for glucose, hemoglobin and cholesterol. Also, be reminded there are three Preferred Lab benefits, which include either no cost or very discounted rates for lab work. As part of your annual physical, there will be no out-of-pocket costs for lab work completed at one of the three preferred vendors.
  • Note, credits are no longer awarded based on the outcome of the test.
    • Once your annual physical is complete, your doctor will bill your SEHP insurance, and this will be reported to HealthQuest to apply the credits to your portal.
    • Five points each will be awarded for the annual physical, glucose check, hemoglobin A1c check and total cholesterol check, for a total of 20 points.

Do I have to use the HealthQuest Health Center to receive credit for preventive care activities?

  • No, you are welcome to complete any of the preventive services through your regular provider. HealthQuest awards credits for these activities through medical and dental claims submitted through your SEHP insurance.
  • If the HealthQuest Health Center in Topeka is convenient for you, members covered by SEHP insurance may complete any of the available services through the HealthQuest Health Center. Members located outside of Topeka can access the Marathon Health Anywhere program by calling the Marathon Health Center at 785-783-4080.


Please note that participation in HealthQuest programs is always voluntary and strictly confidential. If you have any questions, contact the HCS benefits team at benefits@k-state.edu at any time.

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