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October 10, 2022

Humanities Kansas film discussion led by Debra Bolton at Manhattan Public Library

Submitted by Mirta Chavez

Join a film viewing and discussion of "Strangers in Town" with Debra Bolton, director of intercultural learning and academic success and a faculty member in the geography and geospatial sciences department, at 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 14, in the Manhattan Public Library Auditorium.

The theme for ReadMHK this month is Immigrant Experiences. "Strangers in Town" is a 33-minute film created by directors Reuben Aaronson and Steve Lerner that tells the story of how global migration unexpectedly transformed and enriched the town of Garden City. Members of the community are invited to attend the free program made possible by Humanities Kansas.

"We believe that Garden City has something to add to the regional and national dialogue on immigration, which has become so polarized," said Reuben Aaronson and Steve Lerner. "Here is a town in southwest Kansas that has embraced immigration and diversity, creating policies and resources that have helped the community grow and thrive. Many from much larger communities that have never heard of Garden City might have something to learn from this Kansas town." 

What can we learn from "Strangers in Town"? Amidst the increased demands for housing, social services, education and infrastructure, current students at Garden City High School are flourishing. This film explores their stories, gives meaning to the city's motto, "The World Grows Here," and provides an inspiring view of human possibility in the face of change that resonates in all communities.

"Strangers in Town" is part of Humanities Kansas's Speakers Bureau and "21st Century Civics," a collection of resources that invite Kansans to participate in community discussions and learn more about the history of American democracy and the shared responsibilities of citizenship. "21st Century Civics" is made possible with support from "A More Perfect Union: America at 250," an initiative of the National Endowment for the Humanities.