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October 4, 2022

Advisor Forum presents October Charlie Award

Submitted by Beth Stuewe

The K-State Advisor Forum announces Susan Yelich Biniecki, associate professor of educational leadership, has been selected for the October Charlie Award.

Yelich Biniecki was nominated for the award because of the work she does for the students in the adult learning and leadership program.

Yelich Biniecki's nominator writes, "She takes the time to get to know her class and truly takes great care to make sure that everyone feels included and supported. I never feel rushed in our advisory meetings, and I always feel heard. In addition, Dr. Yelich Biniecki shares her expertise to help me figure out the next steps-from class assignments, to dissertation, to conferences, and more.

Dr. Yelich Biniecki also demonstrates great care for her students by showing compassion and simply listening and emphasizing with our worries on a human level, which with everything going on in the world, is as important as ever. Dr. Yelich Biniecki is always flexible and finds time to check in with us individually and has been great at supporting personal and professional development.

"Both in her classes and in her advisory role she encourages students to take and apply their academic side to the real world. For instance, she helps us get familiar with various conferences to present our work, while also representing K-State. In addition, Yelich Biniecki remains an active advocate for the social justice and world issues. She is a passionate expert on Eastern European affairs and as a student from that region, that helps me feel seen, understood, and supported. I appreciate your ongoing consideration and truly hope that you recognize one of the best professors and advisors in the College of Education."

The Advisor Forum thanks Yelich Biniecki for the work she has done for students and congratulates her on this award.

For more information on the Charlie Award or to learn how to nominate someone, please visit the Recognition page on the Office of Student Success website. Nominations are accepted year-round and can be received from anyone across campus. Once a nomination is received, it remains an active nomination for one full year. One award will be given out at the beginning of each month. The Advisor Forum Committee will make the decision and deliver awards.

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