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October 4, 2022

Art visualization of math through a variety of media at online Art and Math Seminar

Submitted by Natasha Rozhkovskaya

Dance at pentagon

Diana Davis, math faculty at Phillips Exeter Academy, New Hampshire, will present an Art and Math Seminar from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 6, via Zoom. Davis will tell stories about innovative mathematical illustrations with many examples from her book "Illustrating Mathematics," published by the American Mathematical Society in 2020.  

Today mathematical ideas are explained not just through formulas. Modern mathematical concepts are visualized in a surprising variety of media: through folded paper, knitting, animation, dance, music, video, virtual reality, 3D printing and mechanical constructions. The inner beauty of mathematics naturally inspires artistic creativity and leads back to new directions of mathematical inquiry.

Davis' research is dedicated to dynamics of periodic tiling billiards. Davis is a renowned promoter of the art and math connections, and "Illustrating Mathematics" is just one of many of her projects. 

Meetings of the online Art and Math Seminar are dedicated to collaborations between artists and scientists. The seminar organizers invite faculty and students to join for inspiration in scientific visualization of research and pedagogy and glimpses of modern mathematics.

View more information about the talk

Registration is required to participate in the seminar.

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