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June 22, 2022

Ciampitti presents at French Academy of Agriculture, discusses global plant nitrogen initiative

Submitted by Ignacio Ciampitti

From left: Ignacio Ciampitti and Gilles Lemaire present at the French Academy of Agriculture.

Ignacio Ciampitti, professor of agronomy, presented a lecture June 14 at the French Academy of Agriculture in Paris, France. This lecture is available online at the YouTube channel of the Académie d'agriculture de France and can also be downloaded at the Ciampitti lab website

The title of the presentation was "Revisiting breeding strategy for improving the efficiency of use of nitrogen by cropping systems" and was follow up by comments from Gilles Lemaire.

The French Academy of Agriculture was established in 1761 in Paris. For more than 260 years, the academy has been responsible for informing the French government about national and international aspects of agriculture and livestock sciences. Ciampitti shared the international and current status of knowledge of plant nitrogen and relevant yield-limiting factors on cropping systems in Kansas and around the globe.

His trip also included a visit to INRAE headquarters, Dijon and Lusignan locations. One of his doctoral students, Josefina Lacasa, is currently doing an exchange in Paris under the supervision of Makowski (University Paris-Saclay, INRAE, AgroParisTech) testing a Bayesian approach to improve current methods for food security in the current farming systems.

As a part of this trip, Ciampitti discussed the goal of establishing a global initiative to develop the largest open database on field studies for plant nitrogen status in field crops. View the first outcome of this initiative

Ciampitti received partial support from the Kansas State University Open Access Publishing Fund. View the open dataset. 

Ciampitti and his team are currently working on expanding this global database with collaborators from many countries such as Chile, Argentina, Canada, U.S., France, Germany and Brazil. This project will help to secure the future of our research findings stressing the importance of establishing open datasets on critical agricultural research topics.

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