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K-State Today

June 7, 2022

Advisor Forum presents June Charlie Award

Submitted by Beth Stuewe

The K-State Advisor Forum announces Bryanna Williams has been selected for the June Charlie Award. Williams recently transitioned to the role of career coach for the College of Business from an academic advisor role.

Williams was nominated for this award by her colleague, Lindsey Cordill, for the outstanding work she does for her students and the College of Business advisor team.

In the nomination, Cordill said, “Bryanna is a stellar advisor. She truly cares about students. Bryanna takes the time to really get to know them and assist them as well as talk with them about making the most of their time in college. She provides great insight to them about what it is like to choose a career and things to be mindful of. She always takes as much time as is needed to make sure a student feels confident and comfortable after meeting with her.

“Bryanna is a wonderful colleague and genuinely cares about her colleagues. She is a leader within our team and is in charge of our New Student Orientation program. Bryanna also has great relationships with faculty in our college. She is passionate about study abroad and encourages students in that area as well.”

The forum thanks Williams for the work she has done for students and congratulate her on this award.

For more information on the Charlie Award or to learn how to nominate someone, please visit the recognition page on the Office of Student Success website. Nominations are accepted year-round and can be received from anyone across campus. Once a nomination is received, it remains an active nomination for one full year. One award will be given out at the beginning of each month. The Advisor Forum Committee will make the decision and deliver awards.