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April 15, 2013

Political science faculty present at prominent national conferences

Submitted by J Pickering

Faculty members from the department of political science participated in the annual International Studies Association meetings in San Francisco, Calif., from April 3-6. The  meetings are the largest and most prominent in the field of international relations, attracting more than 7,000 scholars from across the world.

  • Sam Bell, assistant professor of political science, presented two research papers, "Guilt by Association? The Diffusion of Human Rights INGO Shaming" and "Trying to Appear Neutral:  The Role of In Country and Neighborhood Human Rights INGOS in Dissent."
  • Jeffrey Pickering, professor of political science, participated in a roundtable session on "Professional Development and Grant Writing."

Political science faculty members were also active at the 71st Annual Midwest Political Science Association conference in Chicago, Ill. One of the leading and largest conferences in the discipline of political science, it was held from April 11-14.

The following Kansas State University political science faculty presented research papers at the conference:

  • Sam Bell, assistant professor, and Jesse Johnson, assistant professor, presented "Assessing Shifting Power and Preventative War."
  • Ethan Bernick, associate professor, presented "Too Busy to Participate: How Cultural Beliefs About Women's Responsibility for the Domestic Sphere Shape Women's Civic Engagement."
  • Nathaniel Birkhead, assistant professor, presented "The Role of Ideology in State Legislative Elections" and "When Increased Turnout Matters: Simulating the Partisan Impact of Full Turnout in Senate and Gubernatorial Elections."
  • Sabri Ciftci, assistant professor, presented "Islamist Party Moderation: Process or Strategic Political Action" and "The Influence of Cosmopolitanism on Anti-Immigrant Attitudes in Europe."
  • Brianne Heidbreder, assistant professor, presented "Gender and Gubernatorial Agenda Setting: Testing Critical Mass Theory."
  • Jesse Johnson, assistant professor, presented "Careful Commitments: Democratic States and Alliance Design."
  • Andrew Long, associate professor, presented "Presidential Regimes and Military Conflict."
  • Carla Martinez-Machain, assistant professor, presented "Resolve in Aerial Campaigns."
  • Jeffrey Pickering, professor, Emizet Kisangani, professor, and Orlandrew Danzel, doctoral student in security studies, presented "Foreign Military Intervention, Foreign Aid, and Terrorism."
  • Josephine Schafer, assistant professor, presented "Collaboration is an Administrative Procedure?: The Impacts of Collaboration on Policy Outcomes."

The following Kansas State University faculty served as discussants and chairs for panels at the conference:

  • Ethan Bernick, associate professor, discussant for panel "Turnout Motivations in Comparative Perspective."
  • Nathaniel Birkhead, assistant professor, discussant for panel "Legislative and Bureaucratic Capacity in the United States" and "Early, Absentee, and Other Forms of Voting."
  • Sabri Ciftci, assistant professor, discussant for panel "Turkish Foreign Policy."
  • Jesse Johnson, assistant professor, discussant for panel "International Law and Domestic Politics."
  • Andrew Long, associate professor, chair and discussant for panel "The Politics of Initiating and Joining Interstate Conflicts."
  • Carla Martinez-Machain, assistant professor, discussant for panel "The Role of Drones in International Relations."
  • Josephine Schafer, assistant professor, discussant for panel "Bureaucratic Politics in US States and Localities."