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April 21, 2022

David Hooper presents Division of Biology Seminar

Submitted by Division of Biology

David Hooper, chief of the infection control unit and associate chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital, presents "Quinolone and Multidrug Resistance: The Challenge of Microbial Ingenuity" as part of the Division of Biology Seminar Series at 3:30 p.m. Monday, April 25, via Zoom.

Antimicrobial agent development has produced generations of agents successively aimed to address resistance in bacteria, but despite some progress, bacteria have shown an impressive and multipronged ability to address antimicrobial challenges. Bacteria have evolved with an array of protection mechanisms involving active efflux; drug modification; and target modification, substitution and protection; emerging from long periods of competition in their native environments. Particularly notable has been their additional ability to develop resistance to synthetic agents, such as quinolones, which have not been subject to millennia of selection. Hooper will elaborate on examples of how bacteria have developed high-level quinolone resistance despite these agents having two essential targets within the bacterial cell and on how multidrug efflux pumps have become integrated into microbial physiology and multi-purposed with important functions beyond resistance, reflecting an ingenuity that we must take into account in our approaches to keeping resistance at bay.

If you would like to visit with David Hooper, please contact Govind Vediyappan at gvediyap@k-state.edu.