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February 16, 2022

Kansas Board of Regents February meeting agenda items

Submitted by Communications and Marketing

The Kansas Board of Regents will meet Feb. 16 and 17 at the Curtis State Office Building in Topeka. A livestream will be available for individuals to listen remotely.

The Regents will consider the following agenda items related to Kansas State University at the meeting.

Consent agenda

The Regents will act on performance reports for the 2020 academic year. Institutions negotiate new performance agreements with the board on a three-year cycle. Each institution developed indicators that supported Foresight 2020 and established a baseline for each indicator. To be eligible for any new funding appropriated, each institution must submit an annual report updating the Regents on its progress toward meeting each performance agreement indicator. K-State qualifies for 100% of any new funding for which it is eligible because the university maintained the baseline or improved from the baseline in at least four indicators.

Kansas State University requests approval to amend the fiscal year 2023 capital improvement project plan and accept the revised program statement for the new residence hall to be constructed at K-State Salina. Due to current market conditions, the project budget has increased from $7.7 million to $9.1 million. In addition, K-State requests approval to enter into a 30-year master lease agreement with the KSU Real Estate Fund LLC, a subsidiary of the KSU Foundation, for the new residence hall.

The Regents adopted an updated resolution at the November 2021 meeting to acknowledge the newly appointed regents shall not have access to certain classified information protected by federal law. The resolution transferred the board's management control over certain classified information to a Security Executive Committee. The Regents will update the Security Executive Committee to replace Richard Myers with Richard Linton, K-State's new president.

Discussion agenda

The Regents will act on the proposal for establishing a consistent method to account for the universities' annual in-house facilities expenditures toward the annual maintenance assessment.

President Linton requests the Regents confer the title of president emeritus of Kansas State University upon Richard B. Myers.

On Thursday, Feb. 17, the Regents will receive information on K-State's Advising Corps Program, which places recent college graduates in select high schools to serve as college advisers. The program aims to increase the number of low-income, first-generation and underrepresented high school students who pursue postsecondary credentials.

Agendas and complete meeting minutes are available online.