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June 1, 2021

K-State agricultural economics professor receives Outstanding Revised Textbook in Social Sciences Award

Submitted by Mary Bowen

Andrew Barkley, Kansas State University professor of agriculture economics, received the Outstanding Revised Textbook in Social Sciences Award for 2020 for the third edition of "Principles of Agricultural Economics" textbook he co-authored with Paul W. Barkley, professor emeritus with the School of Economic Sciences at Washington State University.

"We are honored to receive this award, and excited to be able to share up-to-date, relevant information with students in agricultural economics about the international trade of agricultural products and international migration of agricultural workers," Barkley said. "We are enthusiastic about using economic principles to understand how the globalization of agricultural markets affects food producers and consumers."

Originally written in 2013, the 2020 version is the third edition of the textbook, and the entire book has been updated with new data, updated material and contemporary formatting. The book highlights how economic principles can be used to explain and predict issues and current events in the food, agricultural and agribusiness sectors. The revised book has an expanded range of case studies, including more international cases, which discuss real-world examples and issues, including global hunger, biofuels, trade wars, agritourism and climate change. The revisions, which took a full year, were more complicated due to COVID-19.

"COVID-19 had an impact on the revision process," Barkley said. "Some work was done at home and some at the office. Moving revised chapters back and forth between home and office computers sounds simple but is tricky given the large number and large size of files for the chapters, tables, figures, and photos. Like many products, the supply chain of books was affected, with many authors, editors, proofreaders, and administrators working from home. The communication process required more effort and patience to make sure the authors, editors, and printers all had the correct files for the revision to be successful. The editors did a great job of keeping the process timely and efficient despite the challenges we faced."

The award is given by publisher Taylor and Francis, which recognizes the well-written, high-quality content that authors, editors and team members worked to produce in 2020.

"Our colleagues from Marketing, Sales, Rights, Production, Journals, Product, HR, Operations, Editorial, and eResources enthusiastically participated as judges. They span the globe from Australia, China, Singapore, Canada, India, Netherlands, U.K, and the U.S. This group of 40 individuals carefully reviewed the shortlisted titles. The winners perfectly encapsulate our commitment to applying high-level research to issues that impact us all. We congratulate our winners and thank our authors for the outstanding content!" said a representative from Taylor and Francis.

Barkley has won numerous awards for teaching, advising, research and scholarship at the college, university, regional and national levels.

"The Outstanding Revised Textbook in Social Sciences award is a result of the academic rigor that Dr. Barkley displays in his teaching program along with his commitment to students," said Allen Featherstone, professor and agricultural economics department head. "A goal of the department is to provide research-based teaching and extension programs. Given the fast-paced changes that are occurring in the food, agricultural, and agribusiness sectors, the revised edition is emblematic of the quality research-based products the Department aspires to. We congratulate Dr. Barkley on a job well done!"