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March 11, 2013

Call for nominations: 2013 Wakonse Conference on College Teaching

Submitted by Jana Fallin

Kansas State University faculty are invited to submit nominations for the 2013 Wakonse Conference on College Teaching, May 23–28, at Camp Miniwanca, Mich. The nomination deadline is March 28.

Since 1990, more than 2,000 faculty members from many colleges and universities have attended the Wakonse Conference on College Teaching. K-State started attending the conference in 2002 and more than 60 faculty members have attended. Their attendance was supported by the provost's office, the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning and endorsed by the Faculty Exchange for Teaching Excellence.

The major goal of the Wakonse Conference is to provide inspiration and support for college teaching. During the conference, college teachers share teaching strategies and methods in a rustic environment of Camp Miniwanca, which is near Shelby, Mich. A major focus of the conference relates to pedagogical issues, but participants also discuss many other issues of academic cultures. The conference truly promotes development of junior and senior faculty and has attained national prominence. More information about the Wakonse Conference on College Teaching can be found on its website.

Up to three K-State faculty members will be selected to attend 2013 Wakonse Conference. They will become this year's Wakonse fellows.

Deans, department heads and colleagues may nominate faculty. Self-nominations also may be submitted. Written support from a dean or a department head will be considered as evidence of the nominee’s recognized commitment to excellence in teaching and providing learning opportunities. Details of the nomination and selection process are included in the next page.

If you would like further information, visit the website, contact any of the K-State Wakonse fellows or Steve Stockham at 785-532-4453 or sstockha@k-state.edu.