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March 5, 2013

Seminar: Dealing with troubled students

Submitted by Thomas Gould

Ever encountered a student who can’t stop chatting in class with friends? Ever had a student act angry in class? Ever had a student just stop attending class? On Wednesday, Heather Reed, associate dean and director of student life, can help guide you and your fellow new faculty cohorts in dealing with challenging student situations in class and out.

Student disruptions and nonparticipation can derail a lecture and diminish learning outcomes. Reed will address how to deal with a variety of issues at 3 p.m. Wednesday, March 6, in the McVay Family Town Hall, 114 Leadership Studies Building.

  • A student in your class who has struggled academically and then quit attending.
  • A student being harassed by a fellow student in class.
  • The first week of classes, you are concerned about a student who paces around the classroom and talks to himself. When you try to talk with him he becomes agitated. 
  • In one of the campus parking lots, you observe two students begin to argue about who deserved the last parking spot. The argument ends with one student pushing the other.
  • You have a student in class who is argumentative and disrupts class on a regular basis.

Don’t just ignore these challenges. As much as students can cause problems in class, they might need your help in overcoming issues occurring outside of class. Knowing how to deal with these issues can make all the difference in your effectiveness as an educator.

Please take a moment and let us know if you will attend. Just email Tom Gould, New Faculty Institute coordinator, at tgould@k-stateu.edu.

For more information, visit the student life website or the New Faculty Institute website.

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